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      【試題鏈接】 Governments throughout the world act (v.②) on the assumption that the welfare of their people depends largely on the economic strength and wealth of the community.[2000年翻譯]

      【譯文】 世界各國的政府的行為都基于這樣一種假設,即人民的福利在很大程度上取決于社會的經濟實力和國家的財富。

      【試題鏈接】 The paid manager acting (v.④) for the company was in more direct relation with the men and their demands, but even he had seldom that familiar personal knowledge of the workmen which the employer had often had under the more patriarchal system of the old family business now passing away.[1996年Text3]

      【譯文】 代表公司進行管理的領薪經理們與工人和工人的需求形成更加直接的關系,但甚至他們也很少像正在被淘汰的舊式家族企業的家長制中的雇主那樣熟悉和了解工人的情況。

      【試題鏈接】 Some , however , are less reasonable processes of different growth in which preconception of the form scientific theory ought to take, by persons in authority, act (n.①) to alter the growth pattern of different areas.[1996年翻譯]

      【譯文】 然而,有些發展速度存在差異的原因就不盡合理,這是因為某些權威人士對科學理論研究應該采取的方式有偏見,從而改變了不同科學領域的發展模式。

      【試題鏈接】 The commercial TV channels — ITV and Channel 4 — were required by the Thatcher Government’s Broadcasting Act (n.③) to become more commercial, competing with each other for advertisers, and cutting costs and jobs.[1996年Text2]

      【譯文】 按撒切爾政府廣播法案的要求,商業電視頻道——ITV和第四頻道——正在進行商業化,彼此競爭廣告業務,降低成本,裁減員工。



      【試題鏈接】 The point is this: without agreement on the rights of people, arguing (①) about the rights of animals is fruitless.[1997年翻譯]

      【譯文】 關鍵問題是:如果對人的權利沒有共同認識,那么討論動物的權利就是毫無結果的。

      【試題鏈接】More significantly, they argue (②)that many of the Founding Fathers knew slavery was wrong [2008年Text4]

      【譯文】 更重要的是,他們認為很多開國元勛知道奴隸制是錯誤的。



      【試題鏈接】 A survey of news stories in 1996 reveals that the anti-science tag has been attached (①) to many other groups as well, from authorities who advocated the elimination of the last remaining stocks of smallpox virus to Republicans who advocated decreased funding for basic research.[1998年Text3]

      【譯文】 1996年對新聞報道的調查表明,反科學的標簽也貼在了許多其他群體身上,這些人包括從提倡消滅所有現存的天花病毒的官方人士到倡議削減基礎研究基金的共和黨人。

      【試題鏈接】 They (particularly Quebec and Alberta) just want Ottawa to fork over additional billions with few, if any, strings attached (③).[2005年新題型]

      【譯文】 這些官員(尤其是魁北克省和阿伯塔省的)只希望渥太華額外撥數十億加元的經費,而且最好不要什么附帶條件。

      【試題鏈接】 The modern school that hails technology argues that such masters as Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, and inventors such as Edison attached (④) great importance to, and derived great benefit from, craft information and technological devices of different kinds that were usable in scientific experiments.[1994年翻譯]

      【譯文】 推崇技術的現代學派認為,像伽利略、牛頓、麥克斯韋、愛因斯坦這樣的大師以及像愛迪生這樣的發明家都非常重視科學實驗中使用的不同技術信息和技術設施,并從中受益頗深。



      【試題鏈接】 It is the playgoers, the RSC contends (②), who bring in much of the town’s revenue because they spend the night (some of them four or five nights) pouring cash into the hotels and restaurants.[2006年Text2]

      【譯文】 皇家莎士比亞公司(RSC)聲稱是看戲的人給小鎮帶來了大量的稅收,因為他們個晚上(有些甚至是四、五個晚上)都在旅館和飯店消費。



      【試題鏈接】 Most notably, the Pointcast Network uses a screen saver to deliver (①) a continually updated stream of news and advertisements to subscribers’ computer monitors.[1999年Text2]

      【譯文】 最突出的例子是“定向投影”網絡公司,該公司使用一種屏保系統,將大量最新的信息和廣告不斷地傳送到用戶的計算機顯示器上。

      【試題鏈接】 Include a few casual and apparently off-the-cuff remarks which you can deliver (②) in a relaxed and unforced manner.[2002年Text1]

      【譯文】 (練習幽默)包括一些很隨便的、看上去是即興的話,你可以用輕松的、不做作的方式把它們說出來。



      【試題鏈接】 He dismisses (②) a lot of the work of reengineering consultants as mere rubbish —“the worst sort of ambulance-chasing.”[1998年Text2]

      【譯文】 他對重組顧問們所作的大量工作不屑一顧,然為那些完全是垃圾——“典型的勞而無獲”。



      【試題鏈接】 Nevertheless Williams’s suit charged that the casino, knowing he was “helplessly addicted to gambling” intentionally worked to “lure” him to “engage (①) in conduct against his will” well.[2006年新題型]

      【譯文】 然而威廉姆斯還是控告娛樂場,明知道他“不可救藥地賭博上癮”還故意“誘惑”他“違背他自己的意愿參加賭博”。

      【試題鏈接】 The change met the technical requirements of the new age by engaging (③) a large professional element and prevented the decline in efficiency that so commonly spoiled the fortunes of family firms in the second and third generation after the energetic founders.[1996年Text3]

      【譯文】 通過聘用大量專業人員來適應新時代的技術要求,并防止了效率的降低,而在過去這種低效率曾使得許多舊式家族企業在精力充沛的創業者之后的第二、三代手中破產倒閉。

      【試題鏈接】 To see an animal in pain is enough, for most, to engage (④) sympathy.[1997年翻譯]

      【譯文】 對于大多數人來說,看見一個動物在受苦,足以引起他們同情。



      【試題鏈接】 63.The newly described languages were often so strikingly different from the well studied languages of Europe and Southeast Asia that some scholars even accused Boas and Sapir of fabricating (①) their data. [2004年翻譯]

      【譯文】 63. 這些新近被描述的語言和得到充分研究的歐洲和東南亞地區的語言往往差別顯著,以至于有些學者甚至指責Boas和Sapir編造了材料。




      【試題鏈接】 On the other hand, oil-importing (v.) emerging economies — to which heavy industry has shifted — have become more energy-intensive, and so could be more seriously squeezed.[2002年Text3]

      【譯文】 另一方面,進口石油的新興國家由于轉向了重工業,消耗能量更大,因此可能會受到石油危機的強烈影響。

      【試題鏈接】 The OECD estimates in its latest Economic Outlook that, if oil prices averaged $22 a barrel for a full year, compared with $13 in 1998, this would increase the oil import (n.①) bill in rich economies by only 0.25-0.5% of GDP.That is less than one-quarter of the income loss in 1974 or 1980.[2002年Text3]

      【譯文】 國際經合組織在最近一期的《經濟展望》中估計,如果油價持續一年維持在22美元左右,與1998年的13美元一桶相比,這也只會使發達國家的石油進口在支出上增加GDP的0.25%~0.5%。這還不到1974年或1980年收入減少部分的1/4。

      【試題鏈接】 The full import (n.③) may take a while to sink in.[1997年Text1]

      【譯文】 該法案的重要性可能需要一段時間才能為人們所理解和接受。




      【試題鏈接】 They all seem to look alike (though they come from all over) --lean (a.①), pointed, dedicated faces, wearing jeans and sandals, eating their buns and bedding down for the night on the flagstones outside the theatre to buy the 20 seats and 80 standing-room tickets held for the sleepers and sold to them when the box office opens at 10:30 a.m.[2006年Text2]

      【譯文】 他們看起來都一個樣(雖然他們從各個地方而來)——瘦削、率直、專注的臉龐,穿著牛仔褲和便鞋,吃著小圓面包,在劇場外的石板上過夜,以便能買得到20張座票和80張站票,這些票都是為那些睡覺的人準備的,并且在票房第二天上午10點半開始售票時就賣給他們。

      【試題鏈接】 Friedman relies on a lean (a.②) staff of 20 in Austin.[2003年Text1]

      【譯文】 弗里德曼在奧斯汀市只有20人的精干職員隊伍。



      【試題鏈接】 Computer technology makes it possible to store vast amounts of data in machine-readable files, and to program computers to locate (①) specific information.[1995年Text3]

      【譯文】 計算機技術使人們可以把大量的數據儲存到機器可讀的文件里,還能通過計算機編程找到某一信息。

      【試題鏈接】 65. We can see from the available statistics that _____.[1998年Text4] [B] the top 10 states in growth rate of population were all located (②) in the West

      【譯文】 65、從得到的統計資料,我們可以看出_____。 [B] 人口增長率排名前十位的州都位于西部地區



      【試題鏈接】 Practice (or review) tends to build and maintain (②) memory for a task or for any learned material.[1995年Text5]

      【譯文】 實踐(或稱復習)就是建立并保持對某一任務或所學材料的記憶。

      【試題鏈接】 George Annas, chair of the health law department at Boston University, maintains (③) that, as long as a doctor prescribes a drug for a legitimate medical purpose, the doctor has done nothing illegal even if the patient uses the drug to hasten death.[2002年Text4]

      【譯文】 波士頓大學健康法律系主任喬治·安納斯堅持認為,只要醫生是出于合理的醫療目的開藥,那么即使服用此藥會加速病人的死亡,醫生的行為也沒有違法。



      【試題鏈接】 Moreover, the integration of the European community will oblige (①) television companies to cooperate more closely in terms of both production and distribution.[2005年翻譯]

      【譯文】 另外,歐共體的融合性也會迫使電視傳媒集團在節目的制作和流通中,與他人更進一步地合作。

      【試題鏈接】 62. We are obliged (③) to them because some of these languages have since vanished, as the peoples who spoke them died out or became assimilated and lost their native languages.[2004年翻譯]

      【譯文】 62. 我們之所以感激他們(兩位先驅),是因為在此之后,這些(土著)語言中有一些已經不復存在了,這是由于說這些語言的部族或是消亡了,或是被同化而喪失了自己的本族語言。


      v. ① 觀察,觀測,注意到,監視; ②遵守; ③評述,說

      【試題鏈接】It should be observed(v. ①), of course, that no school, vocational or not, is helped by a confusion over its purpose.[1999年Text3]


      【試題鏈接】Good manners should be observed(v. ②) whether one eats in a restaurant or at home.(1984年改錯)


      【試題鏈接】“Their capacity for tolerating stress may even be greater than men’s,” she observes(v. ③), “it’s just that they’re dealing with so many more things that they become worn out from it more visibly and sooner.”[2008年Text 1]





      【試題鏈接】 The earliest forms of art, like painting and music, are those best suited (v.①) for expressing joy.[2006年Text4]

      【譯文】 最早的藝術形式,如繪畫和音樂,是最適于表達快樂的。

      【試題鏈接】 David Williamds’s suit (n.②)should trouble this gambling nation. But don’t bet on it.[2006年新題型]

      【譯文】 大衛威廉姆斯的起訴或許會在這個賭博民族中引發一些問題,但是也并不能確信。

      【試題鏈接】 Nevertheless Williams’s suit (n.②) charged that the casino, knowing he was “helplessly addicted to gambling” intentionally worked to “lure” him to “engage in conduct against his will” well.[2006年新題型]

      【譯文】 然而威廉姆斯還是控告娛樂場,明知道他”不可救藥地賭博上癮“還故意”誘惑“他“違背他自己的意愿參加賭博”。




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